4 Useful Tips to Improve Landscape Water Drainage


One consistent problem when it comes to landscaping projects here in Victoria BC is ensuring that the drainage system continues to function properly. In fact, we see this every year. With any given year, your landscape garden will be subject to a lot of rainfall and it is essential that you have an effective drainage system to get rid of all the excess water.

An ineffective draining system will have drastic adverse effects on your plants. If water is not properly drained, you may overwater your plants, which will lead to a lack of oxygen absorption and the death of the roots. If you have had trouble with your drainage system in the past, here are a few tips to help you improve it!

1 – Keep the Drainage Routes Running Freely

It is important to keep all your drainage routes running freely at all times. Periodically checking these drainage routes will help you ensure that the excess water is not needed by your plants. This will help you keep all your plants from drowning.

Take the time to inspect the places where your drainage systems are located, and make sure that there are no obstructions that restrict the waterflow. If there are blockages and obstructions, it may cause the water to stagnate and drown the roots of the plants in the landscape.

2 – Consider Artificial Drainage Routes

If you feel that your natural drainage routes are not enough to drain all the water from your landscape, you may want to add additional artificial drainage routes. If you do not want to add drainage pipes to your landscape, you may simply add ditches to help encourage the water to flow away from your plants.

However, there may be some instances where adding drainage pipes is inevitable. If you need help with this, you can hire the services of a landscape planner.

3 – Harvest Water, When Possible

If you notice that the water is not properly draining out of your landscape area, and it is possible for you to use a dipper or small bucket to harvest the water, you should do so. Be sure to check your local rules about rain collection systems. That said, it is still important to see how you can improve your drainage system because it may not always be possible to use this solution.

4 – Consider Connecting to Main Drainage Systems

Connecting your landscape’s draining system to the main pipe or drainage system will be a great idea for a long-term solution to water drainage problems. These drainage systems will almost never have any problems and blockages and will be in service for a long time. Plus, you will not be the one in charge of the maintenance of these public drainage systems, so it will be less work for you in the long run.


Keep in mind that to keep your garden landscape looking beautiful and healthy, you have to ensure that you have an effective drainage system. The best way to facilitate sufficient drainage is to find the easiest way to drive water away from your landscape and away from your property. Natural downward slopes will not only ensure proper drainage but will also be fairly easy to maintain.

If you want to improve the drainage of your garden landscape, it will do you well to hire the services of a landscaping company. The professionals working at these companies will be able to help you get to the bottom of why your drainage system isn’t working as well as it should. They will be able to help you devise a way to remove the excess water from your landscape. 

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