5 Reasons You Should Install Retaining Walls for Your Garden

If you’re planning to take your garden appeal to the next level, installing retaining walls will be your best bet. As the name suggests, they are relatively rigid walls designed to restrain soil on a slope by supporting them. As you may or may not be aware, they are considered a fundamental architectural and landscape feature in any garden. Not only are they installed for aesthetic purposes, but they also serve critical functional uses.

To drive this point further, here are five practical reasons you must consider installing retaining walls for your garden and more about their valuable benefits:

1. Soil stability

Here in Victoria, we get a lot of rain in the winter months. As mentioned above, retaining walls are designed to keep the soil in place. Without this, the soil with the assistance of water will be pulled down by gravity. Not only will this impact the bed alone, but it will cause major structural problems for anything nearby such as a foundation, fence, post, or patio.

2. Flood prevention

Another functional purpose of retaining walls is how it will significantly prevent flooding. The combination of the wall itself and the stabilized soil behind it controls the flow of water. Proper drainage is always built into a retaining wall as well. Whether you’re watering your plants or there’s heavy rainfall, they prevent potential flooding and inevitable erosion that comes with it. The last thing you will want to happen is for your garden to get ruined by a flood!

3. Space creation

People have been using walled terraces to grow crops for many years. The same concept works in today’s modern landscaping. By coming up with various platforms on sloped areas of your garden, you’ll be able to make use of your space and maximize the growth of your plants. These retaining walls will ultimately allow you to plant more flowers, shrubs, or even vegetables in an organized manner, and open up previously inaccessible spaces on your property. At the same time, with our dry summers, terracing saves water usage as it prevents the water from simply running off.

4. Aesthetic value

Aside from their functional uses, retaining walls are installed to beautify your garden. What’s great about these walls is that they come in a variety of decorative structures and attractive features as well to make your garden more appealing. Not only will they kick your garden’s aesthetics up a notch, but they will also increase the overall value of your property!

5. Saved time and money

Keep in mind that retaining walls serve as a safety net for your house and garden. Without these, you’ll have to spend and need ample time in remodelling your garden if there is heavy rain or storm. But with these solid walls in place, there’s no need to do so. Ultimately, you’ll be able to save up time and money in the long run!


At this point, you now know why it’s crucial to install retaining walls for your garden. As outlined above, you’ll be able to take advantage of the following benefits—soil stability, flood prevention, space creation, aesthetic value, drought prevention, and savings on time and money. To that end, it’s best to hire a professional landscaping company to work wonders on your garden while installing these walls. A properly built wall should last decades. Ultimately, decorative and functional walls will take your garden to the next level!

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