Effects of Covid on Landscaping in Victoria BC

Covid has no doubt affected a lot of people to varying degrees. While landscaping trucks and crews continue to be seen all around the city, this is by no means an indication that the industry was unaffected. Here are some ways landscapers and homeowners have been affected by Covid in Victoria BC.

Supply Disruptions

We all know Canada does a tremendous amount of trade with the United States. Beyond the academic and this abstract notion though, are some real ways this has affected landscapers and homeowners alike. Over 2020 and 2021, there have been supply shortages and price increases on many frequently used materials used in the landscaping and home improvement industries.

For example, landscape fabric or filter fabric, has been in short supply or completely unavailable for months at some of our largest suppliers. This is something that is used in everything from walkway and patio installs to building retaining walls as well as putting in a new garden bed. As of February 2021, there is no end in sight.

Something else everything has noticed is the dramatic increase in lumber costs. The exact reasons for this are unclear but it is partly due to both supply shortages from mills operating under capacity to increased demand from Do It Yourself Homeowners. The result is that projects involving a lot of lumber such as pergolas and fences have dramatically increased in price.

Labor Shortages

Due to the desire and often necessity of many workers to stay home and available government supports, many landscaping companies in Victoria have found it difficult to find and retain good workers. With government financial support coming to an end and widespread vaccines becoming available, this labor shortage should be alleviated later 2021 or sometime in 2022.

Video Communications

Some landscaping companies in Victoria have started doing video conferencing to do their quotes. While Triton Landscaping takes Covid very seriously using masks and gloves and maintaining proper social distancing, we believe in face to face meetings for a more personal approach and to gain a better understanding of the work environment. However, some landscapers are in the older cohorts and/or have health complications and are necessitated by such conditions to take these precautions.

If you would like us to take a look and give you a quote, please let us know how we can assist your landscaping needs.