Driveway Repair

We were tasked with repairing this decades old driveway. Despite its age and high traffic, it has held up far better than most driveways made of concrete slabs. Such is one of the many advantages of a paver driveway. Being the entrance to a small community of condos, there was a lot more traffic than a typical single house residential driveway. The goal then was to raise the sunken portions of the driveway, replace all the broken bricks, and give the entire surface a new lease on life.

Half of the driveway was blocked off in order to permit traffic to keep going through during the work progress. Pavers were dug up and cleaned of dirt that had built up. Old sand often mixed with soil was discarded. New gravel was brought in to help raise the sunken portions and everything was compacted multiple times with a plate compactor to ensure stability. Fresh clean concrete sand was then applied before the bricks were put back in with the same pattern as before. New joint sand was applied between the joints of the pavers to keep dirt and thus weeds from taking hold and to give it a clean new look. During this process, many bricks were replaced as there were numerous ones that had cracked or chipped edges and corners. The same process was then done for the other sections of the driveway.

The end result is that the driveway looks almost new and more importantly, is functionally healthy for many years to come. Due to the ease of repair for paver surfaces compared to concrete slabs, no demolition had to be done, no mass disposal had to be done, no pouring of concrete was needed, no weeks long wait for the concrete to cure had to be endured, and most importantly, the entire process was very cost effective, coming in at a tiny fraction of what it would’ve cost to replace a similarly sized concrete pad.

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