Flagstone Patio, Gravel Pathway, and Drip Irrigation

This homeowner wanted to redo their entire property with a nice gravel pathway wrapped around, a flagstone area in front, and a new drip irrigation zone added for their new spruce trees.

The front was initially composed of pea gravel with a plastic edging. We excavated all of that and then put down some screenings instead. We used river rock to border the house and replaced the old plastic edging that bordered the lawn with paver bricks instead for a nice finished look. Flagstone was then brought in and laid all over the front. Some challenges included shallow irrigation lines that had to be capped or rerouted. An irrigation wire for one of the control valves had to be spliced as well as it was also too shallow.

For the sides and back of the house, we continued the screening pathway in a somewhat windy fashion to add some flair to the design. River rock continued all around the house as well as the paver brick edging. During the excavation, a trench was dug where a new irrigation line was buried.

The challenge with this irrigation line was that it was extremely far from the control box and therefore, would suffer from extreme pressure and flow rate loss. This problem was solved by the placing the pressure reducing valve as far away from the control box as possible. The pressure reducing valve is necessary to reduce the pressure and flow of a normal line to that of a drip line. However, we did not want to reduce these parameters too early. For the drip line, 3 branches of 20 ft were used to cover the entire line of trees.

Lastly, 4 yards of top soil was brought in to help remediate the property.

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