French Drain

The owner of this property has had a soggy backyard for years now. Upon our initial visit, it was determined the likely culprit being a clay heavy soil. A French Drain was suggested to lower the water table in order to improve the drainage characteristics of the lawn. The planned exit would be the existing perimeter drain around the house.

During excavation there was a solid layer of clay under the 6″ or so of top soil confirming earlier suspicions. It was clear that the solid layer of clay was pervasive all over the yard and was responsible for the drainage issues. Over 100 ft of trenches were excavated and 3 cubic yards of soil was removed. Over 100 ft of pipes were laid spread out maximizing drainage into the pipes. The pipes were then reburied using light top soil, replacing much of the water impeding clay soil that was replaced. 3 cubic yards of top soil were brought in for this task and raked and reseeded.

The entire system was then routed into the drain tile as planned and the entire system is gravity fed.


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