General Landscaping Tips

Here are some general landscaping ideas and helpful tips from an experience landscaper in Victoria BC. You will find information that is helpful for the average homeowner with building their own landscapes, creating new features in their lawn and garden, and familiarizing with the landscaping world. There is info here about building hardscapes such as walls and patios, advice on plants, operating heavy machinery, and advice on landscape designs.

Mini Excavator Landscaping
Tracked vs Wheeled Machinery
Guide on Common Landscaping Materials
Elements of a Great Landscape Design
Basic Design of an Irrigation Sprinkler System
Landscaping steep slopes and hills
Landscaping Hills and Slopes
Retaining Wall
Landscaping a Hill or Sloped Surface Pt 2
Landscape Blueprint
What is a hardscaper, softscaper, and landscape architect?
Best Ways to Avoid Costly Repairs to Your Irrigation Sprinkler Systems
Types of Retaining Walls in Victoria BC
Drought Resistant Landscaping
Drought Resistant Landscaping
Irrigation Head
Qualities of a Long Lasting Irrigation System
A Brief Step by Step on Building Retaining Walls
Paver edger for transitioning between lawn and mulch landscapes.
Edgers and Borders for Transitioning Landscapes
Mini Excavator Landscaping
Tips for Using Heavy Machinery
Irrigation Winterize
On Winterizing an Irrigation Sprinkler System