Landscape Design Tips – Firepits FAQ

Safety Tips Regarding a Patio Firepit

Firepits are a beautiful neat addition to a paver patio here in Victoria. Indeed they are becoming increasingly popular in many homes and backyards. Here are some important safety tips to consider when dealing with them.


As alluded to in our other article here, proper distancing must be followed. It’s important to check with your municipality’s fire code but as a general rule, the fire pit must have at least 3 ft of clearance from any other structure on all sides. Additionally, it must have at least 8 ft of clearance above it. This is to prevent the radiative and convective heat from setting anything nearby on fire from prolonged use.

Keep in mind this assumes appropriate fuel use of typically wood or natural gas. If petrol or gasoline is poured on top, the resulting fireball would exceed the safety tolerances of such a design.

Gas vs Regular

When installing gas lines, it is imperative that a professional be hired to do the actual line hookup. They will take all the appropriate measures with the utility company for example to ensure there are no unwanted complications.

Additionally, there are some differences in the construction of a gas fire pit from a regular wood burning one.

In order to prevent gas build up in the fire pit itself, as it can act as a giant bowl, holes need to be built into the structure that allows air to flow through the structure. Since gas is heavier than air, the holes need to be on the lower part of the structure to flush out any gas leaks that might occur to prevent a catastrophic explosion the next time someone lights the fireplace.

Side Vent to Prevent Gas Buildup in Case of Any Leaks

Tripping Hazards and Flatness

Especially if you have children who like to run around, the space should be clear from tripping hazards where a child might run and trip into the pit. Appropriate precautions should be taken during its use and outdoor furniture should be spaced in a while to prevent an open path for children to run into and through the firepit area. For example a wall of chairs will act as a physical and visual deterrent for young children to run into and through the immediate vicinities of the fire pit.

The fire pit should also be situated on a very flat and level surface. This is more to prevent the flame from shooting out “sideways” in relation to the structure. What happens when one holds a candle sideways? The fire still goes straight up. Building the fire pit on a flat level surface will ensure not only the stability and longevity of the structure but that the flames will stay confined within the structure.

Any More Question?
If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us. A good resource is always your local fire department and/or municipality.