New Paver Patio Build

Initially the homeowner was thinking about placing this patio in another area. After the onsite visit and some discussion, it was discovered that the envisioned space was too small and there were buried pipes that would’ve been damaged. As a result, the final site was chosen after some discussion and deliberation.

The main challenges with this project was that the ground sloped down towards the house. Not only that, the slope itself changes in steepness. Therefore, we were faced with one of two prospects: the patio would have two different slopes, making it functionally like two different patios however aesthetically pleasing, or we could have a single plane and slope for the entire patio but have the end be raised significantly more. Going with the latter, topsoil was used to temper the dropoff at the end of the patio to mask the height difference with the original lawn grade. As you can see, this strategy was pretty successful.

Another difficulty was that the existing gravel and garden bed beside the new patio area was not perpendicular to the sidewalk. Therefore in order to align the patio with the house and sidewalk, the garden bed and gravel area had to be reconfigured.

Due to these difficulties, the patio took a bit longer than expected to build but in the end the owners are happy and that was the priority.

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