Paver Patio by Gordon Head

This was a 12×11 ft area that was converted from an old garden bed to a new patio area. The space had a lot of weeds including blackberry bushes on the border as well as two large bushes that had to be removed during excavation. One of the main challenges was that the ground is actually quite sloped and thus proper grading had to be achieved as well prior to laying any bricks down. In addition, four holes were dug for the installation of posts for a future pergola structure.

The entire area then had to work with the existing layout of the garden – lawn border, with the area where the posts were going to be, while avoiding irrigation pipes nearby.

The stones chosen for this patio were in the parquet design with natural color for the inside and charcoal for the border, an excellent combination.

The size of around 130 sq ft is about as small one would want to get as well in order to comfortably fit together a bunch of patio furniture. Being in an excellent space with both sun and shade, this will make an excellent place to relax for many many years to come.

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