New Walkway Build and Patio Rejuvenation

For this property a new pathway needed to be built as it was originally just gravel, dirt, and sand out of the doorway. As part of the greater efforts to rejuvenate the entire side and back yard, the old patio was replaced with better suited and more stable screenings gravel, a bamboo infestation was removed, the existing gravel pathway, which had been infested with weeds and was very low on actual gravel was deweeded, topped up, and compacted. New topsoil was also brought in to replace all the dirt that was removed to get rid of the rhizomes of the bamboo infestation.

The major challenge was meeting the design pattern of the pavers in the middle at an odd angle. This required copious amounts of cutting with the mason saw as there was no other way for the two sets of patterns to meet in the middle in a neat manner.

Upon completion, the owners were pleased with the clean new fresh look of not only the gravel patios but also the rejuvenated gravel pathway, nice rich topsoil in place of where the bamboo was, and the shiny new paver walkway.

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