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Bring out the full potential of your space with a beautiful design from Triton Landscaping, a small family business serving Victoria, BC. We specialize in interlocking pavers for patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls for gardenscapes, erosion control, and steep slopes. We offer drainage solutions and excavation services for homeowners in Victoria as well.

Block Retaining Wall Landscaping Victoria BC

Retaining Walls

Prevent erosion and increase curb appeal with a beautiful wall.

Paver Sidewalk Walkway Victoria BC Landscaping

Paver Walkways & Driveways

Transform your existing surfaces into a work of art.

Victoria BC Landscaping

Paver Patios

Surround yourself with friends and family in your beautiful new patio space.

Mini Excavator Landscaping


Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We can dig and haul to your specifications.

Drainage Problems Victoria BC Landscaping


Reclaim your landscape and protect your house with drainage solutions.

Artificial Sod

Artificial Turf

Enjoy a stress free and maintenance free lawn with this new product.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike some of the larger landscaping companies, we live and die on our reputation. We build a relationship and always believe in a personal approach to our interactions. We believe that if you don’t like who we are, you won’t like our work either.

We understand the importance of reliability and attention to detail in any landscaping project. We communicate often with you from first meeting to after project completion to ensure that the project looks feels and functions to your satisfaction. We do this throughout the process so there are no surprises to anyone and you the owner have an idea of the progress of the work being done.

Triton landscaping is primarily a residential service and we enjoy the relationships we build in  Victoria BC. Building and maintaining this relationship is very important to us and the people that we have worked with will attest to this. Just look at our Testimonials. If you are looking to see some of the work we’ve done in the Greater Victoria area, take a look at our Portfolio page.

Besides building retaining walls and interlocking pavers, we also offer excavation, materials delivery including soil gravel mulch and wood chips. We offer grading, power washing, paver repairs and reconstruction, wall repairs and reconstruction, and other landscaping related services. If you are not sure, please ask.

Services we do not currently offer include concrete, paving, tree pruning, lawn mowing, aeration and de-thatching, and sod installs.

Our Hardscaping & Landscaping Services

Paver Patio Victoria BC Landscaping Firepit

Paved Paver Patios  and Fire Pits

in Victoria BC

Many of our clients have expressed a desire to convert part of their yard space into a lovely outdoor area to enjoy. Despite our wet winters, Victoria has some nice warm summers. Want a place to sit around the firepit with your friends and family, perhaps sipping some wine, or a place to relax and lounge on a lazy summer day? Paved patios and outdoor firepits are a more and more common sight here in Victoria.

In contrast to a wooden patio, they offer the advantage of never having to worry about rot, which is a problem in our wet climate. Not only that, they give a more expensive look and feel without breaking the bank. In fact, as lumber prices continue to rise, paver patios are becoming more and more competitive in the short term. When you factor in the lack of long term wood rot or having to stain the wood every few years, it retains far more value as time goes on. It is reasonable to expect the same type of longevity as a paver walkway or driveway. Not only that, unlike a gravel surface, it’s clean and relatively maintenance free.

Paver patios and firepits come in all shapes and sizes. They can be square or circular, or have an irregular shape that ties into the overall desired look and pattern. Permanent seating can be built in as well if desired.

So not only will you gain a beautiful new space that can be used with your family and with company for many years to come, there will be far less water usage, far less lawn cutting, and other maintenance problems to worry about for all of that time as you will have just a beautiful clean orderly space to enjoy.

Block and Boulder Retaining Walls

in Victoria BC

Unlike the Prairies, flat space is often a premium here in Victoria BC. Many property lines will often extend far beyond actual usable space. One way to make use of all that space is to flatten it out and prevent any erosion with a retaining wall. This involves moving around existing dirt or bringing in fresh dirt to achieve the proper grade. Retaining walls can then be built with blocks or boulders, large and small. Stairs can also be built into the walls to give it a uniform structured look while giving you access to spaces that were previously difficult or dangerous to access.

Garden Block Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are also a common feature in gardenscapes. There are a variety of blocks we can choose from to construct garden beds and gardenscapes in Victoria. These structures provide lasting and stunning landscaping features for your gardening desires. They give a defined and refined look to the aesthetics of your landscape while providing a beautiful raised surface so you have to bend over a lot less.

Paver Sidewalk Victoria BC Landscaping

Paver Installer for Walkways and Driveways

in Victoria BC

When it comes to walkways or driveways, old cracked concrete or a gravel surface can really change the first impression of your property’s look and feel. We at Triton Landscaping specialize in giving a new fresh look that will last and set your property apart from all the other properties. Let’s face it, most properties in Victoria are your standard concrete variety.

A walkway or driveway made with pavers will bring a certain character and flair through the use of different designs, textures, and colors, all facets that your standard concrete surface is unable to offer. Not only that, they have a longer lifetime. If part of it shifts for whatever reason? Just replace one or two bricks, rather than replacing the entire 50 square foot slab. Unlike concrete slabs, pavers also don’t crack. With proper construction and base preparation, your new walkway or driveway will save you money in the long run and give your property a refined look.

Excavation and Grading Services

in Victoria BC

With the help of mechanization, we are able to bring in excavators and skid loaders and move large amounts of soil and other landscaping materials with far more ease and less pain than doing it by hand. One of the more common requests we get in Victoria for excavation and grading is digging up undesirable bushes or flattening out a yard for better use. These machines are not only helpful for moving stuff out and about, they are also great for bringing material such as gravel in.

Excavator Victoria BC Landscaping

Why spend days breaking your body with a wheelbarrow when a machine can do it in a fraction of the time? Maybe you want to do a project yourself but don’t want to drive a machine yourself. We can do the initial prep work for you so you can continue on to your other steps of constructing your project and minimize costs.

Flooded Lawn Victoria BC Landscaping

Drainage Solutions

in Victoria BC

Every winter in Victoria, we get lots and lots of rain. It’s part of living on the West Coast and in British Columbia. Every winter, people find their basements flooded, their lawns turn into muck, pools where there shouldn’t be.

Water in the wrong places can be more than just an eyesore. They can cause serious structural problems and create safety issues.

Do you have kids? Kids love to and need to be outside daily to run around and play. If your lawn is muddy, not only can they(and any pets you have) bring all that mess inside, but they can easily slip and fall or slide into a sharp corner.

Water pooling can kill desirable plants, cause molds, and erode patios to garden boxes to your foundation.

When it comes to drainage solutions, we offer multiple approaches. We can build swales to redirect the water away from undesirable areas and towards areas where it can drain. This is relatively cheap and simple, especially when it is machine accessible. We also offer French drains or perimeter drains, which is where we dig a trench about 2 feet deep and put in a pipe that goes around your property to lower the water table and drain that water someplace desirable. Very rarely, a drain tile is needed, where you have to dig all the way to the footing under your house’s foundation, to really catch the water and then sump pump it up towards a desirable drainage area. Such an operation is rarely necessary and costs tens of thousands of dollars.

When to Hire a Landscaper?

There is no best time to hire a landscaper but there are advantages and disadvantages to the different times of the year.

Thanks to our warm winters in Victoria, we don’t have to worry about snow or ice most of the time. However, rain does cause issues in many landscaping projects. Certain tasks simply cannot and should not be done when it’s wet.

The benefit of booking in late Fall to early Spring is that landscapers should have better availability. This is usually the slow season for landscaping in Victoria.

The down side can include smaller crews as companies downsize to meet the decrease in demand. As a result, jobs can take longer due to less available manpower.

Another down side is that bad weather will cause unpredictable delays.

Booking in the warmer drier months means your schedule should be predictable as long as it’s with a landscaper that actually keeps their word. However, it’s more difficult to find a company as generally they are booked up months ahead of time.

Price wise there shouldn’t really be any difference.

Why Hire a Landscaper?

With the availability of information online and materials at your local hardware store, why not do it yourself? Afterall you can save a ton of money right?

Here is what you are paying for when you decide to hire a professional landscaper:

  1. You are saving your body. You only get one body. Got back issues? Knee problems? Why inflame them to save some money? Health is important.
  2. It’s no longer your liability. The landscaper you hire will be liable for poor construction and any gross incompetence. If you make a mistake and someone is seriously injured or there is significant property damage, you are on the hook. If you hire a landscaper, they should have Liability Insurance.
  3. You are utilizing someone’s expertise and experience. Speaking from personal experience, when I first started, I thought it was all very easy. Like with anything, when you are actually doing it, there are little nuances that you will never read about in an article or see in a video that is vitally important. These are things you learn from experience. It’s one of the things that differentiate an amateur from a master.
  4. You are paying for a peace of mind. Because you know it’s professionally done, you know it’s done properly. You also know that if something happens, you are not liable.
  5. The time you get to spend with your family while someone else does the work is priceless.
  6. It’s affordable. Compared to many other landscaping markets, Victoria is quite competitive and thus prices are very reasonable.

Our Beliefs

At Triton Landscaping, reputation is important to us. We understand it’s hard to earn and easy to lose. We want to have a reputation in Victoria BC as one of the few landscapers who care about their work and behaves with integrity.

To that end, we will always keep you in the loop from beginning to end, ask plenty of questions to make sure you know what you are getting along the entire process, and have you do a final inspection prior to final payment.

We will never ask for an unreasonable deposit up front. We try to keep noise and other disturbances to a minimum. We won’t leave you hanging for weeks or months at a time.

When you hire us, we want to ensure we do our work quickly but also well. We are conscientious in our approach to all our projects.

The Process

In our initial contact, we will ask you some general questions to get an idea of what landscaping ideas you are looking for. We will then give you a rough idea of what we can do for you. If at that point you decide to continue, we will come on site to take a more detailed look and have you explain to us more of what you are looking for, what pipes are buried, etc. A lot of that we will find out through Victoria’s version of Before You Dig but irrigation pipes for example would not be marked there.

After an onsite evaluation, a written job proposal will then be sent and you can decide whether or not to commit.

Once we have a commitment from you, we ask for a deposit that will more or less cover material expenses and labor for the first part of the project. We always aim to start as soon as possible because who wants to wait around?

Halfway through the project, we will ask for another payment as the initial deposit only covers about ¼ of the project. At the end of the work, we have you do an inspection to see everything is as agreed and to your satisfaction. At that point we ask for the final payment.


As mentioned previous, communication is very important part of this process. We want to ensure that we are fulfilling the landscaping vision you are paying for. We want to make sure that we are not disturbing certain plants or roots as much as possible. We want to know about any perks on your property that you are more intimate with as the owner. We want to make sure that we don’t disturb you or your neighbors on certain days as the various municipalities in Greater Victoria can have quite different rules. We want to ensure we are parking in the right places and obeying certain bylaws. In general, we want to make sure there is adequate communication to ensure that everything goes smoothly between the parties and to everyone’s expectations from beginning to end.

If at any time there are projected deviations from the initial proposal, you will always be consulted before changes are made. Again, this is to ensure you are getting the landscape work you desire.

Environmentally Conscious

Did you know a small gas powered leaf blower can produce more greenhouse emissions than a full sized vehicle?

It’s true. The reason is there is no catalytic converter for small engine equipment and as a result they are extremely dirty and inefficient.

Here at Triton Landscaping, almost all of our landscaping equipment are electric. In Victoria, our electricity is derived from hydroelectric sources, thus making our electricity truly clean, unlike say Alberta where they burn coal. As a result, we have gone electric whenever possible. We use electric blowers, electric power washer, electric saw-it, and electric mason saw.

The only equipment we use that is gas is our plate compactor, which currently do not come in electric models, our work truck, and heavy machinery such as an excavator.

Another added advantage of electric tools besides being environmentally superior is that they also operate quieter and don’t need to idle. They also don’t smell with any gas fumes and there’s no engine oil or other fluids to accidentally spill.

Reliable Dependable Professional

Founded with integrity in mind, we reflect our desire to build and maintain trust throughout the entire process from start to finish. We take great measures to make clear that your expectations are being met, your vision is being realized, and that we are on the same page from our first meeting to laying our last stone. Our mission is to deliver good quality work at an affordable price to all your landscaping needs in Victoria BC. We want you to be happy  with us and our work long after we are finished.