Landscaping Victoria BC

Your Home Should be Your Sanctuary

Why Landscaping in Victoria BC?

Does your outdoor space feel like a sanctuary?

Is your yard space something you’re proud of or a mess you’d rather hide?

Are your outdoor features safe or falling apart?


Your home, inside and out, should be a beautiful safe space, a sanctuary to de-stress from the trials of life. A good landscaping design achieves all of this. Using our many years of experience, we bring this into reality all at a very affordable price due to our very low overhead.

More people in Victoria use us each year than the last! Just look at our numerous testimonials! Get in touch and we’ll show you how we can make your home stand out, feel safe, and become your sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

P.S. Our build quality means these features will likely outlast pretty much anything else you own. And nobody thinks about the cost a few months or years down the line while your new landscaping still looks and feels brand new!

Renae Snell
Renae Snell
Nigel was prompt and efficient with our landscaping job. He clearly communicated adjustments that were required to complete the job. I would highly recommend Triton for your landscaping needs.
April McLean
April McLean
After we were let down by another company, Triton came to the rescue within 24 hours of requesting service. Fixed the sprinkler system that hadn’t worked for a year, so happy with the great service and result! Highly recommend! .
Gerry Marolla
Gerry Marolla
We had Triton instal a French drain in our backyard. Nigel did an amazing job his work ethic is amazing. Would not hesitate to have more work done by Nigel.
Sharon White
Sharon White
I would not hesitate to recommend Triton Landscaping. My small property had big issues, but Nigel not only fixed them but did so effectively, efficiently and affordably. Because it is a small company, it is very responsive to smaller, but valuable projects like mine.
Doug Cliff
Doug Cliff
Nigel did a great job with our small landscaping project. It was quickly done, on time, on budget, and he came up with a couple of creative solutions to make it work better.
Marley Chou
Marley Chou
Nigel did great work on the project. He was transparent and communicated wonderfully through the whole process. I'm very happy with the final result.
Peter McCrodan
Peter McCrodan
Nigel was quick to respond to our inquiry. He quoted a reasonable price. His estimate came in very close to the final price. His experience showed in his description of what tools and materials he planned to use. He was able to start and finish the job ahead of schedule. The job looks great.
Anita Dodd
Anita Dodd
I was very pleased with the work done by Nigel of Titon landscaping. Very polite and professional. Fair pricing. Thank you
Dolores Wood
Dolores Wood
Nigel is a hard working guy. He did some patio repair work for us and removed some bushes. Solid landscaping company that I recommend. Will be looking to hire again when something comes up.
Dwight Walters
Dwight Walters
I had some pavers that needed to be repaired. Just a small job. I couldn't even get anyone to come out. Nigel from Triton Landscaping was quick to respond and gave a very reasonable price. I'm also very pleased with the repair work. He told me he'd fit me in as soon as he could and that's exactly what he did.

Landscaping Services

Block Retaining Wall Landscaping Victoria BC

Retaining Walls

Protect your property from erosion and significantly increase curb appeal with your beautiful retaining wall.

Tree Removal

Bush & Small Tree Removal

Clean up the clutter and beautiful your home with the removal of bushes and small trees!

Paver Walkways & Driveways

Add color, flair, and style to your home with interlocking pavers for your walkways and driveways!

Irrigation Head

Irrigation Services

No more worrying about standing around watering your various landscapes with efficient automated sprinklers.

Paver Patio

Paver Patios

Relax and enjoy yourself with friends and family in these eye catching patio spaces.

Stone Retaining Wall

Natural Stone Walls

Building beautiful garden beds or retaining walls with gorgeous natural stones of all shapes colors and sizes.

Mini Excavator Landscaping


Let us do the heavy lifting for you. We can dig and demolish old structures to your needs.

Drainage System


Reclaim your landscape and protect your house with drainage solutions.

Paver Repair

Restore the beauty of your paver surfaces and removing tripping hazards!

Landscaped Gravel Walkway

Gravel Landscape Features

Take advantage of this economical and durable solution for walkways, driveways, patios, and more.

Flagstone Pathway

Flagstone Landscaping

Create a slice of paradise in your yard with patios walkways and stairways built with these beautiful natural stones.

Why Choose Us?

Our Process

We will first find out from you what your needs are whether it’s plant removal, revitalizing your garden, or installing a new patio. From there, we will work with you on your chosen vision and come up with a landscape design that is most suitable as well as cost effective. At the same time, we always strive to minimize the impact on your existing landscapes including your lawn and gardens by the construction process including the use of heavy machinery such as a mini excavator. We will ask about any irrigation or sprinkler systems, electrical lines for outdoor lighting, that need to be protected as well as any trees or bushes that need to be saved. We will answer any questions you may have during this design phase so you know what to expect.

During the construction phase, we will keep you updated on the progress including estimated time to completion. If there are any unexpected deviations from the original design plan, we will run it by you first in order to get the go ahead or explore alternative solutions. If we encounter any unexpected surprises you will be notified and a plan made to reroute and repair these systems.

When the work is completed, we will do a final walk through together and the various design features explained such as raised features for drainage. Around this time, we will also suggest various maintenance strategies and techniques to help your new landscapes last whether it’s advice on trimming back certain weeds or bushes, or keeping your new turf from flooding. We want you to have the best and least maintenance heavy path forward so you can spend more time enjoying your lawn and garden less time maintaining them.

Reliable Dependable Professional

Founded with integrity in mind, we reflect our desire to build and maintain trust throughout the entire process from start to finish. We take great measures to make clear that your expectations are being met, your vision is being realized, and that we are on the same page from our first meeting to laying our last stone. Our mission is to deliver good quality work at an affordable price to all your landscaping needs in Victoria BC. We want you to be happy  with us and our work long after we are finished.