Paver Driveway in Saanich

The homeowners approached us to build a driveway out of interlocking pavers. They were very specific that the parking pad drained away from the house, was flush with the curb, and was flush with the existing driveway.

As the original terrain was sloped down towards the house, this meant there was quite a change in elevation on the side closest to the house. Since the curb was raised, this meant that the side towards the house had to be even higher so that the curb side was not higher than the house side. Finally, the existing driveway was not level and in order to avoid having a lip where the pavers joined the asphalt driveway, there needed to be a quick drop near the bottom of the pavers in order to preserve the grade away from the house but match the curb and the existing driveway.

Since this was expected to bear vehicle traffic, we dug extra deep so that more gravel could be used. This is absolutely necessary if one wants any paver surface to last for heavy loads. The extra depth and gravel allows long term durability and viability without movement in the pavers. Thus, an extra 50% of excavation was done than for a similar project for patios or walkways and twice the amount of gravel brought in.

Two small trees had to be removed as well during excavation but this was not too difficult nor too expensive.

This landscaping project took just under a week from start to finish and the owners were most eager to put it to use right away.

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