A Concrete Demolition and Paver Install

This homeowner wanted the existing concrete pad removed and a new paver patio put in. There were some problems with the previous installation as the concrete was sinking badly, massively cracked, and water was pooling against the house constantly.

Knowing this, we designed a landscape that prevented the water damage from recurring, fixed the broken look of the existing concrete pad, and increased overall safety by getting rid of multiple tripping hazards.

First we had to remove all of the concrete. A mason saw was used along with a sledge hammer and crowbar. After this was done, the ground needed to be excavated so that the final patio surface was nearly flush with the sliding door on one end, the lawn on the other, and pitch in a way to drain water away from the house.

All these important objectives were accomplished with the use of multiple string lines and levels. Much raking was done with the gravel to ensure these specifications were met. The owners were happy with the result and were eager to use their new patio space.

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