Paver Patio Install

The homeowners came wanting to transform their front yardspace into a paver patio. They wanted a nice sunny place to sit in the summer as their existing patio space was mostly shaded by existing structures. They also wanted a low maintenance landscape and a clean look and feel. Care was to be taken to best match the existing color and design of the old patio.

This job consisted of excavation by hand as there was not enough space to bring in a mini excavator. 7-8″ of soil was removed and 4″ of road base was brought in and compacted. 1″ of sand was then screeded on top before laying the pavers. Landscape fabric was also used to prevent old roots and weeds from poking through as this was a fertile area for plant growth.

The main challenge in this patio install was ensuring a pleasant gradient while maintaining a flush surface with all existing structures. For example, the existing paver patio and paver walkway sloped differently and the bottom of the fence were at different levels as well. All of these then had to meet perfectly with the new paver patio while making sure the new install was itself also not awkwardly bumpy or sloped.

In the end, the owners had the desired space they were looking for, there were no bumps or lips, and with the help of a power wash, the entire landscape was rejuvenated.

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