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Doug Cliff
Doug Cliff
Nigel did a great job with our small landscaping project. It was quickly done, on time, on budget, and he came up with a couple of creative solutions to make it work better.
Marley Chou
Marley Chou
Nigel did great work on the project. He was transparent and communicated wonderfully through the whole process. I'm very happy with the final result.
Peter McCrodan
Peter McCrodan
Nigel was quick to respond to our inquiry. He quoted a reasonable price. His estimate came in very close to the final price. His experience showed in his description of what tools and materials he planned to use. He was able to start and finish the job ahead of schedule. The job looks great.
Anita Dodd
Anita Dodd
I was very pleased with the work done by Nigel of Titon landscaping. Very polite and professional. Fair pricing. Thank you
Dwight Walters
Dwight Walters
I had some pavers that needed to be repaired. Just a small job. I couldn't even get anyone to come out. Nigel from Triton Landscaping was quick to respond and gave a very reasonable price. I'm also very pleased with the repair work. He told me he'd fit me in as soon as he could and that's exactly what he did.
Michael Hagen
Michael Hagen
Hardworking guy. Great attention to detail. Definitely would recommend.
Gail Gladstone
Gail Gladstone
Great work Nigel! Solid contractor and landscaper! Thanks again.
Robert Jennings
Robert Jennings
This landscaping company was very diligent in getting back to me, suggesting solutions to my yard, and doing it within my budget. Highly recommended and very professional.
April Dorey
April Dorey
Nigel was a great help for us as we got the horse paddocks ready for winter. He worked quickly and efficiently all day moving and spreading gravel and then compacting the pathways. He was on time and stayed right until the end.
Eve Birkenhead
Eve Birkenhead
We were looking to extend our existing patio space when we hired Triton Landscaping. We wanted something that kind of matched what we already had and worked within our yard space. We consulted with Nigel about what size and material to go with and we really appreciate his honest feedback. Nigel was quick to get the work done once it was started and so far it's been working really well for us. We would not hesitate to recommend Triton Landscaping!

We are Triton Landscaping serving the Greater Victoria BC area.

How Getting Ripped off by a Landscaper Led me Here

Many years ago, here in Greater Victoria, a trusted friend that I had known for a while happened to be a landscaper. I needed some work done on a soggy muddy lawn and this was before I got into landscaping. I was quoted just under $1000, to put mulch on the mudpit. I said ok and had to leave town for the week. When I came back said landscaper told me it was going to be $1200 because it took a lot longer. In fact according to him, it took two days for him and his guys to do it.

I knew it was a small job and thought it strange so I asked a neighbor how long they were working for. Turns out not only was it not two days, it wasn’t even a full day but a few hours. I paid the extra $300 and lost a friend I never had. They are still operating in town as of 2021.

I thought, if this guy was getting endless work, something must be wrong in this town. So I started to do some digging (haha).

The further I dug the more I found out about this field and the more I became interested. It seemed that it was not uncommon at all for contractors in general to play these kinds of games both with homeowners and with commercial clients.

I knew I could do a good job at doing the actual installs but more importantly, without ripping people off and holding them hostage part way through a job.

Our Philosophy

We strive to bring quality products and services to your homes so that you can enjoy your yard to full satisfaction. We combine our experience and those of our mentors utilizing tried and tested landscaping and construction methods into our work. We incorporate the new tools and materials of an ever-changing landscaping environment with the age old lessons and techniques that have stood the test of time. We believe that the new and the old complement each other and will work to compliment your landscaping environment. By taking the best tools and methodologies of all worlds, we can bring the best to you.

We believe in Trust, Communication, and Professionalism.

Professionalism means to us showing up to appointments, answering emails, texts, and phone calls, showing up on time, and finishing as close to the estimated completion date as possible. We do not sub-contract to potentially unreliable contractors who may or may not carry any insurance. We want things to be predictable and the entire experience to be pleasant for all.

This means we aim to build and maintain a good relationship with all homeowners not just during our work but after it. We will be happy to answer any questions you have during the entire process from start to finish and afterwards as well to ensure you are well informed and a part of the decisions being made. Our work will be completed to a certain level of professionalism reflective of our company beliefs.

What We Do


Triton Landscaping  provides the following landscaping services for Victoria BC:

  1. Interlocking Paver Walkways and Driveways Installs and Repairs
  2. Interlocking Paver Patios Installs and Repairs
  3. Small Tree and Bush Removals
  4. Block and Boulder Retaining Wall Installs and Repairs
  5. Garden Retaining Wall Installs and Repairs
  6. Landscaping Drainage Solutions
  7. Gravel Installations
  8. Irrigation Installs and Repairs


Supporting Local Businesses

As a member of the local community, we believe in supporting local businesses large and small. All of our products are thus sourced from local businesses in Victoria or in British Columbia. Building materials such as gravel or sand are produced from local landscaping yards including MacNutt, Victoria Landscape and Gravel Mart, and PND. Our construction supplies such as interlocking pavers are produced in Mainland BC from Abbotsford Concrete Products. Both regular sod and artificial sod are sourced from local sod farms in Victoria or from Mainland BC.

We prefer to support smaller local businesses over big box stores. Almost all of our landscaping supplies are sourced from Slegg’s, Wes-Tech, Castle Building Centre, and the aforementioned MacNutt and Victoria Gravel Mart.

Environmentally Conscious

We avoid the use of gas and diesel powered tools as much as possible. All of our hand tools are electric, taking advantage of BC’s hydroelectric power generation. We also understand there is such a thing as noise pollution and aim to have tools that minimize noise pollution as well. Using electric tools helps a great deal in that regard.

We are knowledgeable in regards to several invasive species and help in spreading this knowledge. We encourage and promote the removal of these plants from Victoria BC as well as discourage their planting.

When it comes to landscapes, we always plan for features that are most sustainable and least environmentally costly. This means recommending landscaping features that use less water, minimize the spread of invasive species, and most friendly to the native biome. We avoid using plastics such as landscape fabric as much as possible. We are also very strict about not littering on any of our worksites.

Giving Back to the Community

We at Triton Landscaping encourage its members to give back to the community. And while like most people, the owner has both donated time and money to various causes, he feels it is not appropriate to list them here or anywhere as to engage in such promotion takes away from the purpose of doing these things. Is it true charity if it’s given for self glorification and promotion of one’s business?

Reliable Dependable Landscaper

Founded with integrity in mind, we reflect our desire to build and maintain trust throughout the entire process from start to finish. We take great measures to make clear that your expectations are being met, your vision is being realized, and that we are on the same page from our first meeting to laying our last stone. Our mission is to deliver good quality work at an affordable price to all your landscaping needs in Victoria BC. We want you to be happy  with us and our work long after we are finished.

*NOTE: Realtors and Insurance Quotes are Subject to a $300 fee for each estimate or quote.*