Paver Walkway with Interlocking Pavers

This homeowner came to us wanting their existing concrete walkway replaced. Due to some sinking and poor design, the walkway had presented a major tripping hazard. They wanted landscaping that was aesthetically pleasing but most importantly, safe. The removal of the tripping hazard was a major focus of this project.

First the existing concrete slabs had to be removed. During this process, it was discovered that the concrete varied severely in thickness from 3″ to 5.5″ in certain parts. This is due to the insufficient grading and pitching of the underlying base, which was discovered to be soil, rather than gravel.

After the concrete was carefully removed, dirt had to be further excavated to build a proper base. 4″ of road base was then brought in, compacted, and care taken this time to ensure proper pitch and grade to ensure good drainage. A 1″ layer of concrete sand was then screeded on top to smooth out the surface prior to the install of the interlocking pavers. Great care was taken to ensure that there was a smooth gradient in the entire walkway to both meet the doorway slab without a lip forming, which would cause a repeat of tripping hazards, as well as the steps at the other end, which was considerably lower. The overall curve shape and the width was to be maintained and care taken not to damage existing electric and irrigation lines that were right beside the existing walkway.

To maintain the look and feel throughout, interlocking pavers were also used for the stairs. These were installed using Type S mortar to ensure adherence and stability. Due to the curved nature of this design pattern, many cuts had to be made especially relative to the overall size and number of bricks used.

Overall, the owner was happy with the new landscape install. They were pleased to not have to deal with tripping hazards as well as having a nice clean look in their front yard.

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