Major Walkway Rebuild in Downtown Victoria

The previous walkway was cheap asphalt and has major safety issues from cracks and bumps in random spots. It also looked unappealing.

The entire walkway was first dismantled, demolished, and dumped offsite. The base was also excavated and removed in order to have a secure foundation for the paver walkway to come as everything we do at Triton Landscaping, we build to last. Sections were raised and lowered so that the walkway would not only be smooth again but also avoid some sections that had been built too steep for strollers or seniors.

A nice reddish brick was used to construct the new walkway. A great amount of work lay in keeping a nice consistent curve that was also parallel along the whole thing. This required a lot of measuring and cutting.

When all was said and done, we received many many compliments from people who saw how it was previous and the new surface. As this was at a commercial location, it was great for the image of the business as well as from a safety perspective, removing any and all tripping hazards. Everybody was immensely satisfied with the results.

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