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Landscaping, Drainage, Excavation in Saanich

Located north of Victoria and part of the Capital Regional District is the city of Saanich. With a population of over 100,000, the city of Saanich has many of the amenities and services one expects from a modern city. When it comes to local landscaping, excavation, and drainage services, look no further than Triton Landscaping.

Through years of experience, affordable rates, and a portfolio including everything from residential landscaping installations to strata work and landscaping repairs, Triton Landscaping has established itself as a well versed landscaping company in Saanich and the Greater Victoria area. Offering a full spectrum of services, we provide many cost effective solutions to drainage, landscaping, and excavation needs in the area.

Protecting Your Property

Whether you have a brand new house or have lived in it for decades, proper landscaping is an important part of maintaining your property values. Drainage problems, especially in our rainy winters, can become more than a nuisance. Water damage affects concrete foundations, concrete footings, can infiltrate your basements, can wash out your landscapes, and much more. Sunken, cracked, and shifted driveways, walkways, and patios can quickly go from an eyesore to a tripping hazard especially as concrete ages and blends in with the colors of the surroundings. An improperly drained driveway can become host to hydroplaning vehicles while washing out the concrete from underneath you, creating potholes. A leaning retaining wall can cause extensive property damage from falling structures above to potentially burying life and property below. Protect your life and property with our full range of landscaping, excavation, and drainage services.

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Landscaping, Drainage, Excavation. We do it all!

Choose Triton Landscaping for Your Saanich Landscaping Needs

Reliable quality work is what we are about. We take pride in our services, in the portfolio of work we have done around town, and in the solutions we have offered to homeowners of Saanich. This is why we proudly display our variety of solutions offered and also testimonials from past clients.

We ensure you the homeowner is protected through our General Liability Insurance policy as well as ensuring our workers are covered through WorkSafe BC. This means peace of mind for and during the work we do for you.

Local Landscaping Drainage Excavation Solutions

We have helped mitigate flooded driveways, sunken pavers, cracked patios, and failing retaining walls all over Saanich. We are confident in our abilities to construct landscapes such as paver patios walkways and driveways, retaining walls, drainage systems in increasing the utility and desirability of your home. From start to finish, we will work with you to understand the nature of any problems and provide the most economical, efficient, and tailor made solution for you.

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For residential or strata needs in landscaping installations and repairs, excavation services, bush and small tree removals, and drainage needs in Saanich, Victoria, Cordova Bay, and Oak Bay areas, feel free to contact us. We will be sure to answer any questions you have promptly and explore what solutions we have to offer you.