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A round paver patio with a small curved pathway connected to an existing backyard patio. Lots of cutting involved.
Block Retaining Wall
Allan block wall and stairs with a nice gravel pathway at the bottom and planter box at the top. Mulch was used in place of topsoil.
Flagstone Patio with Gravel Pathway and Drip Irrigation
A flagstone patio was installed along with a new drip irrigation system and gravel pathway all around the property edged with lovely paver bricks.
We restored a flagstone pathway and built a new sturdy natural stone wall to match the existing look and feel of the landscape. Turned out fantastic.
One of the larger paver patios we've done with some interesting challenges when it came to slopes, drainage, buried surprises, and matching existing structures without looking off. It all worked out really well and has been a great transformation.
An old gravel driveway with some deep ruts developed was restored. New drainage was installed to protect house from runoff. Middle median made of organic matter was kept intact per owners' wish. Existing channel drain was restored. 400 ft of driveway.
Landscape Gravel Install
A sunken old concrete pad was replaced with this brand new paver patio. The patio itself was also enlarged. Drainage was improved by correcting slope.
Landscape Gravel Pathway
An old gravel pathway damaged by erosion, overtaken by weeds, was restored with new gravel. Good as new!
Allan block stairway that replaced an old rotting wooden one. New paver walkway as well to give access to lower suite.
We installed a new gravel driveway with geogrid embedded for additional stability. Some concrete demoltion was also required for this project.
Finished Paver Patio 4
The owners wanted a large new paver patio in their backyard to enjoy with their friends and family. We had to build this within an existing walled off area. They were very pleased with the work done and were eager to make good use of it.
Paver Patio Installed
The homeowners wanted an extension to their existing paver patio to have a more sunny spot to enjoy as well as cutting back on maintenance. A powerwash of existing pavers was also done.
Paver Patio Install
This was a medium sized paver patio install. The requirements were that it had to be flush with the existing concrete pad, the block retaining wall flanking two sides, and drain well. Owner was very happy with the result.
Interlocking Paver Walkway
The owner of this property had an existing sidewalk that had several tripping hazards. They wanted a new safer walkway as well as one that was aesthetically pleasing. Thus a new paver walkway was built.
Paver Patio Expansion Install
After being pleased with our initial work extending their paver patio, they decided to have us back and extend their paver patio further. A formerly cluttered area was transformed into a new clean usable space.
Channel Drain Installed
This corner had experienced severe flooding the winter previous. We were tasked with providing a drainage solution. To this effect we utilized a channel drain system.
Paver Repair
This paver patio had experienced severe sinkage and flooding due to its age and poor construction techniques. Pavers were raised and the base was redone.
Landscape Gravel Install
Two areas that were filled with rubbish, random bits of rock, weeds, and other unsightly debris were transformed with gravel into new clean usable spaces. Any existing drainage issues were solved as well with the gravel.
This high traffic driveway had seen decades of use and its age was showing. There were cracks, chipped pavers, and worst of all, heavily sunken areas. We quickly restored the driveway at a very efficient price and gave it many more years of life as well as a fresh new look.
Drainage System
A French Drain was installed and over 100 ft of pipes laid to deal with a water logged lawn in Victoria BC.
Boulder Retaining Wall
The old rock wall was in the process of failing due to its small mass and improper install. We brought in large boulders and rebuilt this wall.
A paver walkway that had been damaged by erosion, shifting soils and sand, and roots pushing up and sideways. We repaired and reinforced the problematic areas and gave it a significant new lease on life.
A new paver walkway was installed and the old rock patio was replaced with more suitable screening gravel.
We built a free stack, that is mortar free, boulder retaining wall and expanded the owners' gardening area. New topsoil was brought in as well.
Paver Driveway Install Build
Homeowners wanted a parking pad built on this slope. The pad needed to drain away from the house, be flush with the existing driveway, and be flush with the curb. Trees had to be removed as well.
Paver Patio
A paver patio built in the Gordon Head area that replaces an old garden bed approximately 130 sq ft in size.
New Sod
We were tasked with various landscaping duties including installing a new lawn, building a driveway and pathway, a new paver patio, and some xeriscape.
Paver Patio Install
One of our smallest jobs. The owner needed a flat stable surface for a storage shed. We prefer not to discriminate based on job size, unlike some businesses. This was an easy one day job and we are pleased with it being put to good use.
Paver Patio
This new paver patio was built in a beautiful backyard in Victoria BC.
A large raised patio project incorporating retaining walls, stairs, fencing, and pavers. One of our largest projects that presented logistical challenges.

Stefani Paine
Stefani Paine
We are delighted with the work. It turned out better than imagined. Nigel kept to the schedule , arrived on time and prepared, did the work, and cleaned up when the job was done . What could be better! The job entailled removing a large section of old sod and plants, removing a large ugly old shrub and constructing a brick patio and path . A total facelift and looks terrific.
Brenda & Tony Stevens
Brenda & Tony Stevens
We had problems with tree roots lifting the interlocking pavers on our patio, we contacted Nigel @ Triton Landscaping to quote on removing the pavers, removing the tree roots and reinstalling the pavers. Nigel did an excellent job on this project and we are exceedingly happy with the end results. We would have absolutely no qualms about recommending Nigel as his quality of work is outstanding. Thank you Nigel for your diligence and professionalism
guriq trana
guriq trana
We needed a retaining wall replaced and we called a number of landscape contractors for quotes. Alone among all the ones we contacted, Nigel came over promptly and suggested a solution and proposed the work with a written estimate. Nigel was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, hard working and kept up updated on the progress every step of the way. The work was completed on time and on budget. I would highly recommend Nigel for any and all of your landscaping or hardscaping needs.
Ashley McCallum
Ashley McCallum
Nigel did some work for us on our sunken and old paver stones as we are retired and did not want to do these things ourselves anymore. He was very responsive and kept us up to date on what methodology he was using as well the reasoning behind them. He gave us options on what sand to use for example after explaining to us the pros and cons of different types. Our patio, walkway, and driveway were restored and we are happy with the results. I recommend Triton Landscaping to anyone who needs a paver restoration in Victoria.
Ed Spurrell
Ed Spurrell
We approached Triton Landscaping to inquire about a drainage system for our yard. Nigel not only returned our call quickly, he was also very clear on what was required as he reviewed our situation. Nigel was great to work with and always provided updates as he went. We would recommend Nigel for landscaping and drainage needs.
Avery Meyers
Avery Meyers
Our driveway was falling apart and needed to be redone. Nigel came out and we liked the way he explained to us his plan of attack. We chose to go with paver bricks and were able to choose from available patterns and colors. Triton Landscaping was expedient in their work from start to finish. It took around a week to get everything done, which is nice as we had to park on the street. The new driveway looks great and we are happy with the results. Definitely recommend this landscaper.
Tori Childs
Tori Childs
Nigel’s been pretty on the ball since we contacted him about having a paver patio built. He always answered quickly and was able to get onsite and do a quote within days. We wanted to have all the landscaping work done as soon as possible to take advantage of it in the nice weather to come so expediency was important and appreciated. During his initial visit, he answered all our questions and at no time did we feel like he was trying to upsell us any unnecessary work. He made some good suggestions on landscape designs and construction materials and offered explanations on the benefits of various choices, including cost savings. We put trust in his advice and I can say that it was a good decision. Our paver patio was built as expected and in a timely fashion and we are very happy with the outcome. We will certainly keep Triton Landscaping in mind for any future landscaping we need.
Jeremy Perez
Jeremy Perez
We phoned a number of landscapers and Triton Landscaping was one of only two that replied and bothered coming out. We needed a paver patio built in our backyard and Nigel was able to walk us through the process from the get go. We appreciated that all the landscaping was done in a timely fashion as we were concerned about being left with a mess for an extended amount of time. We are happy with how the patio turned out and would not hesitate to recommend Triton Landscaping to others who are looking for reliable professional landscapers.
Elizabeth Heyer
Elizabeth Heyer
We saw Triton Landscaping do some work on our neighbor’s property and decided to inquire. We needed some landscaping done on our recently moved in house in Victoria. Nigel was able to answer all our questions and walk us through the processes required. There were some issues with a slope and Nigel suggested a retaining wall. We also wanted a nice area to enjoy in our yard with a patio. We hired Triton for building us a small retaining wall with some stairs and a small patio. The work was done on time, within budget, and we are very satisfied with the results.
Jason Clark
Jason Clark
We hired Nigel to do some landscaping work for our yard. We needed a paver patio built and removal of a couple of bushes, smaller trees. We chose him initially as he was the most responsive of all the landscapers we contacted in Victoria. We are happy to have been proven right by our choice. Triton Landscaping consulted us through any important steps and cleared any possible ambiguities. We very much recommend Triton Landscaping to our friends and neighbors.

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Founded with integrity in mind, we reflect our desire to build and maintain trust throughout the entire process from start to finish. We take great measures to make clear that your expectations are being met, your vision is being realized, and that we are on the same page from our first meeting to laying our last paver. Our mission is to deliver good quality work at an affordable price to all your landscaping needs in Victoria BC. We want you to be happy  with us and our work long after we are finished.