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A large raised patio project incorporating retaining walls, stairs, fencing, and pavers. One of our largest projects that presented logistical challenges.
We restored a flagstone pathway and built a new sturdy natural stone wall to match the existing look and feel of the landscape. Turned out fantastic.
Block Retaining Wall
This was a large block retaining wall using Allan Blocks to build two sets of stairs, two large sections of walls, and a garden bed. Top soil and mulch were brought in as well.
We built a free stack, that is mortar free, boulder retaining wall and expanded the owners' gardening area. New topsoil was brought in as well.
Landscape Gravel Install
A much damaged old concrete pad was replaced with this brand new paver patio.
Landscape Gravel Pathway
An old gravel pathway damaged by erosion, overtaken by weeds, was restored with new gravel. Good as new!
New Allanblock stairway was built to replace old rotting wooden stairs. Retaining walls were also added as well as a paver walkway.
New Sod
We were tasked with various landscaping duties including installing a new lawn, building a driveway and pathway, a new paver patio, and some xeriscape.
Finished Paver Patio 4
The owners wanted a large new paver patio in their backyard to enjoy with their friends and family. We had to build this within an existing walled off area. They were very pleased with the work done and were eager to make good use of it.
Interlocking Paver Walkway
The owner of this property had an existing sidewalk that had several tripping hazards. They wanted a new safer walkway as well as one that was aesthetically pleasing. Thus a new paver walkway was built.
Paver Patio Installed
The homeowners wanted an extension to their existing paver patio to have a more sunny spot to enjoy as well as cutting back on maintenance. A powerwash of existing pavers was also done.
Paver Patio Install
This was a medium sized paver patio install. The requirements were that it had to be flush with the existing concrete pad, the block retaining wall flanking two sides, and drain well.
Paver Patio Expansion Install
After being pleased with our initial work extending their paver patio, they decided to have us back and extend their paver patio further. A formerly cluttered area was transformed into a new clean usable space.
Landscape Gravel Install
Two areas that were filled with rubbish, random bits of rock, weeds, and other unsightly debris were transformed with gravel into new clean usable spaces. Any existing drainage issues were solved as well with the gravel.
Channel Drain Installed
This corner had experienced severe flooding the winter previous. We were tasked with providing a drainage solution. To this effect we utilized a channel drain system.
Paver Repair
This paver patio had experienced severe sinkage and flooding due to its age and poor construction techniques. Pavers were raised and the base was redone.
This high traffic driveway had seen decades of use and its age was showing. There were cracks, chipped pavers, and worst of all, heavily sunken areas. We quickly restored the driveway at a very efficient price and gave it many more years of life as well as a fresh new look.
Paver Patio Install
One of our smallest jobs. The owner needed a flat stable surface for a storage shed. We prefer not to discriminate based on job size, unlike some businesses. This was an easy one day job and we are pleased with it being put to good use.

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