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Landscaping Drainage and Excavation in Victoria BC

Located south of Saanich and east of Langford, the City of Victoria is the capital of BC. It has transformed from a quiet small city to a larger ever growing town of bustling activity. Surrounding a downtown core that offers a wide array of things to do and enjoy, there still remains beautiful swathes of residences that is a remanent of a quieter past.

When it comes to landscaping construction such as building paver patios, paver driveways and walkways, constructing drainage systems, and removing undesired bushes and small trees, Triton Landscaping is here to serve Victoria’s needs. Our vast array of skills and solutions have helped many residential and strata properties all over Victoria in their landscaping needs.

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Triton Landscaping places value in your peace of mind. This is why we are fully insured. Our insurance policy ensures that your home is safe in the event of any accidental damages.

We bring to the table our vast array of experience and skills relating to landscape repairs such as fixing sunken pavers, repairing drainage systems, and rebuilding retaining walls. We utilize our experience to bring to the table the most efficient and cost effective methods available while making sure that your needs are met.

Landscape Construction in Victoria BC

Our landscaping company has had extensive experience in building paver patios of various sizes and designs all over Victoria. We have constructed and repaired many paver walkways. Triton Landscaping has constructed retaining walls of various lengths, heights, consisting both of blocks as well as boulders in Victoria BC. We have also built gravel driveways, gravel walkways, and gravel patios all to the great satisfaction of our clients. When it comes to flooding yards, driveways, and patios, Triton Landscaping has been able to construct effective drainage systems both at ground and below ground, routing water in the most desirable and cost effective ways possible. Why not get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you!