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Our Process

Upon first contact through email or phone, we will ask for a general scope of the project. We will need to know whereabouts the landscaping is to take place in order to determine if it is within our service areas. We will need to know what the nature of the landscaping is, whether it’s drainage, retaining wall construction, walkway construction, patio building, driveway installation, excavation, small tree or bush removal, irrigation related, or paver repairs. We will then need to know what the approximate size is in area or length. From this information we will give you a very rough estimate.

Should this be acceptable to your budget, we can proceed to an onsite visit. During the onsite visit, we will seek to determine the difficulty of the project, the ease of access to the construction zone, whether it’s machine accessible, which part of the property the work is to be done on, and the overall terrain including slopes, vegetation, stairs, rocks, and so forth. We will look to answer any questions you have and will likely ask you a few questions about the lay of the land including buried utilities, irrigation, and other precautions to be aware of. A rough timeline can be established during this visit including anticipated start date and length of job. Detailed measurements will be taken during this visit in order to come up with an official job proposal.

Once a job proposal is sent and accepted, a deposit is required. A set timetable is established typically around this time. We will also establish with you what designs and colors for stones and bricks you would like based on local availability.

During the work process, should any significant alterations be necessary due to unexpected anomalies on the job, we will communicate that with you first and seek your approval. An example would be unexpected buried lines that cannot be rerouted, unexpected masses of solid rock, prior construction that had been hidden, things of that nature that are usually invisible until work starts. Throughout the process, we will answer any questions you have and you will have a chance to see things as they progress, ensuring they are to your satisfaction.

At the end of the job, we will go over and explain things that were done such as what was buried where and why. You will have a chance to look everything over and determine if it is to your satisfaction. Tips may also be provided regarding regular maintenance going forward to keep your new landscape in tip top shape for many years to come.

*NOTE: Realtors and Insurance Quotes are Subject to a $300 fee for each estimate or quote.*