Fully Insured Landscaper

Triton Landscaping is a Fully Insured Landscaper

Since its inception, Triton Landscaping has been fully insured both with WorkSafe BC as well as carrying Commercial Liability Insurance.

Why is dealing with an insured landscaper important?

Landscaping, especially hardscaping, so things like paver installs and building retaining walls, can entail a lot of risk of damage and injury. Having a fully insured landscaper means that in the event of damage to persons or property, you the homeowner are protected. Just as it would be very risky for someone to drive if nobody else carried insurance, the same goes for hiring landscapers. When you hire a landscaper without insurance, you are taking most if not all of the risk.

What is the difference between WorkSafe BC and General Liability Insurance?

In general, WorkSafe BC insurance covers workers. If any injuries occur to a landscaper while on a job, WorkSafe BC ensures they are more or less covered in terms of medical costs, rehabilitation, and lost wages. It’s a socially responsible way of engaging with labour in general. Landscapers, no matter their socioeconomic situation can benefit from a safety net. It’s ethical labour.

General Liability Insurance on the other hand insures against things like property damage, injuries to non-workers. They work like other drivers’ liability insurance. They protect the homeowner regardless of the financial situation and capability of the landscaper. For example, if a landscaper only has $5,000 in their cash account and $50,000 in assets, and they cause $100,000 in damages, an uninsured would not be able to cover the damages. They would simply become insolvent, leaving the homeowner in the lurch. Liability insurance would protect the homeowner in everything from accidentally knocking out parts of a house with an excavator to destroying a water line. It gives peace of mind.

*NOTE: Realtors and Insurance Quotes are Subject to a $300 fee for each estimate or quote.*