Landscaping Restoration

In conjunction with the concrete removal and patio rebuild, we were asked to do some minor landscaping to restore a couple of areas that had become rather decrepit. Two storage areas had become dirty, overgrown with weeds, and generally messy. Nearly two cubic yards of debris was hauled out and disposed of. The use of landscaping gravel was suggested as it a provided a stable surface, a clean new look, and promoted drainage.

For both areas then, we excavated via hand existing gravel, dirt, and old landscape fabric. New fabric was laid down and 4-6″ of new gravel brought in. The grade was such to ensure that it matched existing landscapes such as their lawn, a concrete pad, and the newly built paver patio. In the end this landscape solution was very effective in changing the look and feel of the existing landscape and keeping things low maintenance. What was formerly an unusable corner filled with trash was transformed into a beautiful clean space. Another muddy dark corner was transformed into a stable clean and dry surface.

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