Patio Rebuild and Expansion in Sidney BC

As the homeowners were thinking of retirement, they wanted to transform their backyard into a space they can enjoy for many years to come. The old patio had some issues that needed to be resolved. One it was sinking in some areas and two it was too small.

The new patio is about 4 times the size of the old one with a lovely drain rock perimeter surrounding it. Beautiful solid Texada slabs were used for the entire patio.

The old base materials, which consisted of too much sand, as well as surrounding soils were carefully removed as there is both an irrigation line and a gas line in place. This was replaced with many tons of solid road base gravel to provide a solid foundation that will last many decades to come. Smaller gravel was then used as the bedding layer rather than sand again, to ensure that they cannot be eroded away and cause sinkage as well as to promote drainage. The entire patio is of course also sloped away from the house to promote drainage.

As can be seen the owners have done a wonderful job decorating the space with their patio furniture and ornaments.

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