Large Backyard Paver Patio with Pathway

The owners were doing a major renovation on their entire back yard. As part of this revitalization, they wanted a large paver patio to enjoy in place of a mostly muddy field. It was decided early on to make the existing hot tub the focal point of the entire structure and that the sloping and grading be such that the hot tub was the high point.

This presented a few challenges.

The slope had to be such that it sloped away in 3 different directions, rather than the entire patio sloping in one direction. At the same time, these three slopes needed to meet near the corners without creating massive ridges or bumps. The transition therefore had to be smooth. Further complicating things is that there is a stairway coming from the back of the house, which had to meet with the new patio. In order to avoid looking slanted, the area where the patio met the stairs needed to be even, rather than sloped. Bringing all these slopes together without bumps or ridges and ensuring multiple smooth transitions while ensuring there was adequate slope for water to still drain and in the correct direction was one of the main challenges of this landscape project.

Further complicating matters was the discovery of extensive concrete structures just beneath the surface. In fact, certain areas were so shallow that bricks needed to be cut in half in their thickness in order to main slope and smoothness of the patio. Attempts were made to remove the concrete but they proved to be unmovable.

In addition to all this, a pathway was built using some existing concrete slabs embedded in beautiful drain rock. This will help connect the paver patio to the new fence gate that will be put in, thus tying it all together with a clean and fresh look.