Expansion of Existing Paver Patio Install

Having been pleased with landscaping work previously done, we were asked to expand further the paver patio surface. This area was even more overgrown than the previous surface and so the desire to have a no maintenance space was even greater.

After saving the desired bushes and plants and repotting them, the area was excavated again by hand down about 7-8″. Similar challenges were faced when it came to maintaining grade and keeping the surface flush with existing structures. The same paver bricks were used to ensure a consistent look and feel as the existing landscape. Since there were irrigation lines on this side, attention had to be given to preserving them and paving around them.

After the successful install, top soil was brought in to finish the landscape install as the owners had brought in some large planter boxes to complement the landscape. With this addition, the owners were able to triple their usable patio space while eliminating their maintenance duties, which is something they very much desired. Since its install, they have made very good use of this space.

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