General Landscaping and Install

We were approached to redo an entire property’s landscape. This was a new build and the owner wanted something that looked good and was relatively low maintenance. We were asked to redo the driveway, backyard, sideyard, and front yard.

For the front, nearly 10 cubic yards of top soil was brought in and new sod installed. (Please Note: We no longer do sod installs). Small drought resistant bushes were planted and mulched.

A small paver patio was installed by the side door to allow the residents a nice bright space to enjoy while cutting down on maintenance.

In the back due to its shadiness, ferns were planted amid river rocks with a gravel walkway surrounding the house.

The driveway was also redone with gravel to match the look of the walkways flanking the back and side of the residence while keeping things low maintenance as well. A mini excavator was used throughout the project to both excavate but also transport large amounts of top soil and gravel to the desired areas.

The owner was very pleased with the results and tasked us with additional landscaping work later on including repairing pavers on an adjacent property.

*NOTE: Realtors and Insurance Quotes are Subject to a $300 fee for each estimate or quote.*