What You Should Know About Proper Driveway Drainage

One issue a number of homeowners in Victoria BC face is when water isn’t properly drained from their driveways. When there is pooling water in your driveway or around it, you must look into solutions regarding your drainage. Does winter turn your paved driveways icy? Your best bet is to contact a drainage contractor and see about getting more drainage.

Driveway Drainage 

We all know that driveway pavers are vital, and having a paved driveway makes things much easier. However, no matter how well-paved your driveway is, there is still a possibility that it will freeze over during wintertime. It’s also possible for cracks to appear in your driveway as water starts to collect in a particular area. 

When the draining of a driveway is improper, people will be inconvenienced to access your home, whether they’re in small passenger vehicles or SUVs. It becomes quite dangerous for both the vehicles and their passengers from hidden hazards and hydro planing. Just as important, water damage can occur through the washing away of the base material holding up the driveway itself, causing cracks then complete failure.

Check for subtle dips in the land, called swales. While you won’t be able to notice them during dry season you will certainly notice them after a good rainful or, in most of our cases, during the wet winter months here in Victoria BC. In fact, drainage is one of the top landscaping issues here in town every winter.

It is worth considering that the very pavement of your driveway itself is contributing to its demise. This largely depends on the materials which were used to create it during the time when the house was being constructed. It is common knowledge that builders are taking more and more shortcuts when it comes to not only the construction of the house itself but also the external landscaping. Such shortcuts include insufficient soil for a lawn, meaning it quickly dies off after the property is purchased, and in the case of our driveways, insufficient drainage facilities and base material.

You see, a typical driveway requires at least 8 inches of compacted road base gravel to promote drainage of water while at the same time holding up the concrete above. The driveway surface is only like the ceiling of your house. If the walls holding up that ceiling are insufficient in thickness or strength, it doesn’t matter how strong or well built the ceiling is. When not enough material or compaction has been utilized during the construction of a driveway, and when there is improper drainage for the driveway, what you have are escalating problems starting with your first wet season.

Underlying Base Washout Leads to Failure of Driveway

Planning for New Builds

If you have yet to get your driveway laid out because you’re having a new home built, take the time to think about your driveway’s placement. A good rule of thumb is building your driveway in an area with drainage methods already existing. to minimize costs. Take advantage of the layout of the land. We all know water runs downhill. Also, take note of what the terrain looks like after a storm passes and which parts of the ground rain collects. Once you know which areas tend to collect rainwater, avoid placing your driveway in those areas.

If it can’t be helped, make sure the driveway is placed in such a way that it slopes away from the house. Having it slope in the direction of your house will trigger considerable flooding in your basement and other areas from even the most minor of rainstorms. 


Drainage should always be considered when it comes to building your driveway and in paving projects in general. Be sure to take note of where water collects in your lot if you have not built a house yet. This way, you will be able to adjust your lot plan when constructing your driveway. Meanwhile, existing homes might require additional drainage in order to solve any flooding issues. Whether you’re installing a new driveway or having your existing one renovated, reach out to a professional you can trust.

In need of drainage solutions in Victoria? Contact Triton Landscaping! We specialize in many landscaping needs, including driveway drainage for your home. In our next article, we will be discussing solutions that we utilize to solve these problems.