Driveway Drainage Solutions

In our previous article we discussed the problems one can face regarding driveway drainage and the importance of having proper drainage. In this article we explain some of the landscaping solutions that we and you the readers can use to mitigate these issues here in Victoria BC.


First we must figure out what’s the situation is. We must ask ourselves a few important questions in order to know what the source of the problem is in order to address it at its roots.

Two of the most important questions we ask are Where is the water coming from? Where is it going? If we can intercept the water and divert it from its source, before it becomes problematic, then this would be a great plan of attack. However, sometimes this is not possible due to geography, terrain, and other issues so we can try to intercept the water at other points in its path.

Tailoring the Right Solution

For example, if it’s determined that a majority of the water is coming from a downspout, then we would consider rerouting the downspout’s runoff through a solid pvc pipe into the street. However, if the driveway is lower than the street, this would not be a feasible solution. We could then consider directing the water elsewhere.

Downsprout Landscaping Victoria BC

If the water is coming from the street itself because your driveway is lower, then we can install a catch basin between the street and the driveway to intercept the water before it hits your driveway.

Catchbasin Landscaping Victoria BC

If the driveway is simply too low in relation to your yard and a catch basin is not feasible or perhaps not attractive as a solution, we can consider also building a small berm to divert the water away from the driveway itself.

Remember, when it comes to drainage, the water not only has to be intercepted either above ground or below ground, but it needs to be carried away to a more desirable and less problematic location. This means laying pipe, which can be difficult if the slope of the land is not conducive or there are too many structures or plants (i.e. big tree roots) in the way. The more complex the system becomes, the more likely it will fail due to increased points of failure. Ultimately it becomes a problem solving venture matching the cheapest easiest solution to the unique problem at hand.

There is no one solution that fits all and it is why it’s valuable to have a professional landscaper in Victoria BC come take a look on site and offer the right solution to your unique situation. If you think we are the right landscaper for you, please let us know your situation and what we can do for you.